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Live Streaming Weather & Storm Video | Live Tracking

Fall/Winter 2015-2016: I will be live multi-cam streaming in full 1080P any and all major weather events from my place in Queens, NY! When a YouTube live stream is in the works, I will post a notification to my Twitter Feed , so be sure to follow me for all the latest news! Regardless of whether I am live streaming or not, the map below will track my location during all major weather events around NYC. You can even overlay, and loop the current radar around my location if you choose via the "Radar On/Off" button. And when I am streaming live, just click on the play button on the embedded player below the map.

If you would like to view past videos of mine showcasing all my storm chasing adventures over the years, be sure to head on over to my "Storm Chasing Videos" page via the navigation bar above!

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