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New Tornado Alley Photos
Weather & Storm Photo Gallery
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Tornado Alley 2015

Large Tornado 2015 Texas
Large stovepipe tornado near Canadian, TX- May 27th, 2015

Storm Chase 2015 Preparations

Storm Chasing Hail Guards
Re-Fabricating The Rear Window Hail Guard- April 2015

Storm Chase 2013- May 2013

Supercell Thunderstorm
LP Supercell Thunderstorm Near Arcadia, NE- May 26th, 2013

Storm Chase Vehicle Preparations- Poughkeepsie, NY April 13th, 2013

Storm Chasing
Dave Lewison attaches the driver side hail guard on my Nissan Xterra.

Hurricane Sandy After Math- Queens, NYC November 2012

All photos below are ©Dave Lewison.
Hurricane Sandy- Breezy Point, Queens
Devastation from Hurricane Sandy in Breezy Point, Queens (©Dave Lewison)

All photos & videos are © 1998-2015.
No reproductions of any kind may be made without written authorization.

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