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NYC Weather & Storm Blog 2008

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January 15th, 2008---: First off, Happy New Year to all! Two days ago here in NYC it was looking like we were in for our first major snowstorm of the winter! I had all my gear ready and set the alarm early so I could get a jump on shooting video. But it wasn't to be. I awoke yesterday morning to find NOTHING on the ground at all! Winter storms are very hard to forecast as the slightest change in the forecast track drastically changes snowfall totals. This was the case here. Oh well, the winter is still young so we plenty of time left to get nailed by a major nor'easter, lol. Now back to the boring cold weather...

February 12th, 2008---: Today marks the two year anniversary of our historic blizzard here in NYC! Two years ago today over 26 inches of snow fell, this year.....practically ZERO!! However, today we are actually going to see some of the white stuff here in my area. But, it's not going to last too long at all. The snow is beginning to fall as I type this, but the change over to sleet and then rain is expected to take place later this evening. All in all about an inch or two of snow is expected before the change over. If this holds true, I'll head out and shoot some video later this evening locally. In other news, Dave and I are already in our VERY early planning stages for this years chase trip! Less than 3 months to go!

February 29th, 2008---: After a very busy week I've finally had some time to update this page! Well, we finally had a snowstorm. It happened one week ago today and we received about 6 inches of snow. I headed into Manhattan early to get some shots and made it there just in time for the heavy stuff! It wasn't a full on blizzard by any means, but at least it was something. Tonight we're expecting another 2 inches of snow give or take, but other than that....nothing else is on the horizon. Well, nothing snow wise is on the horizon, but there is a heavy rain event shaping up for next week! Could be a doozy! Stay tuned....

April 19th, 2008---: It's been two months since I've posted any NYC updates. Spring is now in full bloom here in New York City and the trees and flowers are once again coming alive! This is my favorite time of year without a doubt. The past few days have been fantastic with highs close to the 80 degree mark! Tomorrow we'll drop back down into the lower 60s, but I won't complain since that's still not too bad. I took some shots around my neighborhood of the spring scenes! Check out my "New York City" photos page to view them.

July 1st, 2008---: Here were are two months or so later. I've been busy with storm chasing so I haven't updated my NYC page in a little while as you can see. All is good here though. We're now into summer and things are heating up big time. Actually, I like the pattern we've been in...the overall pattern has featured a trough of sorts in the east which has been giving us many thunderstorm days, today is no different! We've been on the hot and muggy side as well. Dewpoints in the upper 60s coupled with temps in the 80s have brought us several rounds of storms over the past few weeks. As I mentioned, today is no different. We could be seeing some storms later on this afternoon, but it's not a big risk, just isolated stuff is possible. I'm focusing more on my 4th of July BBQ which will be coming up this Friday. Nature might create some fireworks of her own as well! I'll do my best to update regularly during the summer...check back soon!

July 23rd, 2008---: Not a lot going on in NYC as of late, but here we are practically at the height of summer! This summer so far has been on the warm side, and the last week has been no exception to that. We've on our 7th day in a row of heat and humidity. The string of 90+ degree days broke a few days back, but the humidity levels are still VERY high and as I type this, we're sitting at a sultry 80 degrees with a dewpoint of 71! This morning I was awoken by thunder (always a nice surprise in my book) around 5am and wow did the rains come down!! Then about 3 hours later we had a wicked line of storms fire up just to my south and east. Those storms missed my area as they moved off into Nassau County just to our east. Flood watches and warning are out in full force today with the tropical airmass in place. We're also under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10pm and right now there are storms firing up to our west and southwest in New Jersey. I'll be keeping an eye out for any storms heading my way later this afternoon & evening!

September 27th, 2008---: Two more months have gone by and now that summer has come and gone, cooler weather is beginning to set on in. Actually, as I type this we are in the midst of a full blown noreaster or sorts. What I mean is we have the rare combination of a near tropical storm moving up the coast, combined with the effect of Tropical Storm Kyle which is a few hundred miles off the east coast! Last night I awoke several times to the wind driven rain slamming against the windows. By morning my rain gauge registered almost 3 inches of rain! The rains began around midnight and didn't let up until around 8am this morning! We're expecting more heavy rains tonight, and then things should start tapering off around mid day tomorrow....

November 1st, 2008---: Here we are, fall is here! Not much in the way of weather to talk about the past few weeks. Well, it has been pretty warm for much of October and the fall foliage has been great. I've taken many pictures over the past few weeks and I hope to get some posted soon. Dave and I are still waiting on our Nor'easter oppourtunity and if we get a good one heading up the coast this fall/winter, we'll be traveling up to Cape Cod to document it! That'll definitely be fun! Nothing much else to report, just getting set to settle in for the long winter. I will update this page periodically throughout the fall/winter when we get something of note.

December 13th, 2008---: A powerful coastal storm affected the northeast the past few days bringing heavy flooding rains, and severe icing to parts of upstate NY and Massachuttes. No icing here in the New York City area, but we did receive 3.3 inches of rain in my area, along with some strong and gusty winds. Christmas is just around the corner and winter is just a week away so we're in it for the long haul now. Many cold days and nights ahead that's for sure.

December 21st, 2008---: Our first snowstorm of the season struck two days ago and while we didn't get a ton of snow, we did manage to get about 4 inches before all was said and done. The problem now is that temps have warmed into the middle 30's and we have a lot of melting going on. We're trying our best to get all the slush out of our driveway before everything re freezes tonight. If we don't, it'll be an ice skating rink outside! During the storm, I hopped the subway into Manhattan and shot some video. The corner of 58th Street and 5th Avenue became a wind tunnel where many umbrellas ended up in the garbage can! I'll post some pictures shortly!

December 22nd, 2008---: I've posted some photos of the snowstorm on our "New York" Photos page! Check em out!

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