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Storm Chase Blog 2014

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July 18th, 2014---: I've just returned from my annual vacation down in the Fort Lauderdale area, and aside from getting in some much needed rest and relaxation, we were also treated to several thunderstorms while we were there! This is certainly not unusual as South Florida in the summertime sees it's fair share of storms, many times on a daily basis! It's definitely one of the reasons I travel down there yearly. Be sure to head on over to my "Storm Chasing Videos" page to view all my latest storm videos, including footage from this years trip!

June 10th, 2014---: After almost 3 weeks on the road traveling through Tornado Alley, I'm finally back in NYC! While the lack of tornadoes this season was certainly noticable, there was no shortage of amazing storms to be witnessed. I documented 4 separate large hail events, countless supercell thunderstorms, lightning, and flash flooding. Top that off with being able to get together and chase with some great friends, and I can definitely say I had an incredible chase trip. Several new videos are now up on my "Storm Chasing Videos" page, so be sure to check them out! Below is a GPS log of our entire trip! From the east coast and back, and from south Texas all the way up to Wyoming. We covered a lot of ground this season. All in all just shy of 7800 miles driven. Image Below courtesy of Dave Lewison (FaceTheWind.com)

Storm Chase 2014

May 11th, 2014---: As it stands right now, Dave and I are tentatively planning on hitting the road next Saturday the 17th, or Sunday the 18th. The models and their ensembles are beginning to show what could be an active pattern for severe weather setting up next week. If that continues to look likely by the end of this upcoming week, we'll hit the road to begin our 2014 storm chase trip! More updates tomorrow...

May 5th, 2014---: Spring is here! And it certainly took it's time this year! After an extended winter, the weather has warmed, and the trees are beginning to bloom. With the spring blooms comes my annual storm chase trip to Tornado Alley! Right now we're holding off on heading out on the road due to work obligations on both Dave's part, and my part. Gotta wrap a few things up first work wise, and then we'll be ready to hit the road sometime around the middle of this month. We're hoping to see more amazing storms this year, but above all else, we're hoping for a safe storm season for everyone, chasers and the general public alike.

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